Times Union

For the summer of 2016, I interned as a reporter at the Albany Times Union under the guidance of City Editor Mike Goodwin. Working on the "Go Team" covering breaking news, I broke and covered some of the biggest crime stories of the summer, including the four out-of-state construction workers who tortured a co-worker in a motel room—including biting his penis—and the tragic hit-and-run boat crash on Lake George that killed an eight-year-old girl and saw 5 young adults charged with hindering an investigation and leaving the scene of an accident. 

I tried to keep local public figures accountable, such as when he caught the Albany Mayor's Office in a lie about locked public bathrooms over Memorial Day Weekend, and by exposing a popular Schenectady bar and restaurant's dress code for being unconstitutional in its implicit racism and unequal enforcement, resulting in the dress code being changed the day after the story broke.

I was fortunate to also write for the state politics and arts sections, covering local elections and reviewing TV shows. Some of the more popular articles he wrote outside of the "Go Team" were profiles of local figures who had attained notoriety and even fame outside of the Capital Region. 

You can find all of my articles for the Times Union here.

Jake Lahut