The Wesleyan Argus

Since my freshman year of college, I wrote for the campus newspaper, The Wesleyan Argus. As the oldest twice-weekly college newspaper in the country, the Argus combines a rich tradition with the eclectic and experimental culture of Wesleyan. Along with my colleagues on the production and editorial arms of the paper, I was at the forefront of innovating at The Argus to make it a healthier and more responsible paper in the digital era. 

I started off in the fall of 2013 as a contributing and later staff writer in the opinion section, writing about politics and culture. By sophomore year, I began to branch out, beginning with my first feature on trigger warnings. By junior year, I had a much greater fervor for writing and drastically increased my output and versatility, writing 43 articles that academic year for each section (news, features, arts, sports, and opinion). 

While the number of articles one writes is ultimately inconsequential, my productivity became an inside joke within the newsroom, and ultimately a form of pride.

Before being promoted to editor in chief, I wrote 62 articles before the end of the fall semester my senior year, with as many as six articles in one issue. 

When all was said and done, I finished my college journalism career with 157 articles on the books, 148 of which were written during my junior and senior year.

You can find all of my college newspaper articles here